Multiplayer Network

Hi guys ! Today we’re gonna explain to you one of the core features of Man of the Stars : the multiplayer, and how we developed it to give you the best gaming experience possible. The development of the game was shaped around the network, instead of a feature attached to the game afterwards we started with […]

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Man of the stars

Our team works tirelessly in order to offer you the best prototype for our fig campaign. Allow us with this article to introduce to you a non exhaustive inventory of the facets belonging to the universe you will be a part of. EXPLORATION Right after the players, the essential component of Man of the Stars […]

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Website and Social media Openning

Hey hey hey. Today is a big day for us. we just open our website and made visible on the internet our social media. You can find all the information bellow : Facebook : link Twitter : link WebSite : you already have it if you read this.

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