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Today we’re gonna explain to you one of the core features of Man of the Stars : the multiplayer, and how we developed it to give you the best gaming experience possible.

The development of the game was shaped around the network, instead of a feature attached to the game afterwards we started with the network system. It was integrally designed by us, specifically for the procedural generation, to compress as much data as possible and allow fast sending of a maximum of informations,

Our game will be fully multiplayer, but the difference with the other sandbox survival games is that your world will be disconnected from the galaxy until you choose to join the universe and meet other players and planets : to do so you will have to find the portal ( each planet as his own ) and activate it, when it will be done you will be able to travel through it, but other players will be also able to travel to your planet. So you’d better be ready for any eventuality , because no one has good intentions !

If you wanna play with your friends you will be able to spawn with them on the same planet, but the process to join the galaxy is still the same as if you were alone.

Do you think that you will just have to interact with your portal and choose a random world between all the planets of the server to go there ? No we are sorry but it’s gonna be a bit more challenging to do it : In fact each planet is gonna have an « address » like a galactic coordinate. Of course you will know your own. To discover other ones you can use different ways. Use luck , if you try to find it randomly ( it can be really long ). You can find some old maps with planet addresses all around your world : hidden in ruins, dungeons, villages or as a reward from a quest …The last way to get them will not come from you but from other players joining your planet, When they pass the portal their own address is going to be saved in the portal log,
Every address you discover will be saved and so you will be able to go at anytime on those planets, ( to get revenge or just meet a new friend )

In the galaxy there will be not only players planets, Sometimes you’re gonna maybe find a hostile planet, or an empty one, but one planet’s gonna be the unique point of meeting for everyone : The Capital ! The capital is a planet where you will be able to do a bunch of stuff : meet players , do business, Open a shop , buy a home , place a bet on different races , create a guild or a confederation and buy the headquarters for his members…  Inside the city it’s gonna be a no-fight area , but at the moment you go out , be careful, you are not immune from being attacked by players or just looter groups,

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