Man of the stars

Our team works tirelessly in order to offer you the best prototype for our fig campaign.

Allow us with this article to introduce to you a non exhaustive inventory of the facets belonging to the universe you will be a part of.


Right after the players, the essential component of Man of the Stars is the environment, immense worlds to travel across, to claim and to reshape.

As the explorers that will in the future seed across space on innumerable untouched worlds, you will be able as well to become the pioneer of a new civilization.

Establishing a settlement requires substantial resources and space. That is why we made it so the terrains you will step on are huge and content abundant.

To ensure this wealth, we built an entirely procedural world creation system. Input in it are numerous environmental profiles we created, may it be a desert world, lush with plants, or devoid of atmosphere. These profiles direct the terrain geography, its composition, its flora, fauna, and events occurring on it.

This system generates an infinite variety of alternatives to the world you will set foot on, assuring a game experience without limits.

Your action in the game won’t be restricted to only one world, on the contrary, it is the whole universe that will be offered to you : the worlds are connected by a portal system, you won’t explore one planet at a time, but an entire network instead.


Adversity will appear right at your arrival on your world.

At first you will have to sustain the needs of your organism, namely gather water, food, and oxygen if the atmosphere is devoid of it (provided your world owns an atmosphere). Each environment characteristics will vary greatly.

The development and expansion of your activity in this world will ease your future arrivals in succeeding planets. When you possess state of the art mining machinery, your exploitation growth will run much smoother than extracting the ore by your own hands.


After the first sip of the water of your new world (so long as it has been made drinkable), you will have to expand your installations on the land. First a shelter from the weather conditions, then other buildings, to house the activities that you will add one after the other : resources refinement, tools production, machine construction that will allow you to construct more complex machines, equipment creation, technologies research, nutrition, sanitation, entertainment, transports, infrastructures, robotics, cloning.

For you won’t be alone to ensure your base operations : workers of multiple functions and forms will put themselves at your disposal to fulfill the tasks required by a developing society.

You will have multiple means to recruit your workforce : jobs offers, mercenary, voluntary work, allegiances, debt collection, slavery, robotics and cloning.

Like you, in order to live, these workers, depending on what they are, will have needs to fulfill.

As the leader of your colony, the duty of administrating your teams will rely upon you.


Your base won’t remain isolated for long, your actions will trigger the appetite of your neighbors.

In order to survive you will thus have to defend yourself against their attacks, or even strike first yourself, as conquering an adversary will advance your empire.

Numerous weapons and gears will be at your disposal to crush your enemies, but there is strength in numbers, and among the people working for you, you can count on soldiers to reinforce your military potential.

Tactical control of these units and strategic maneuvers will set your supremacy over your opponents.


Many of your allies and enemies will be players themselves, and they will be the most precious tactical elements.

Among your workforce or in your squad, besides your workers, you will find your friends, cooperate with them in order to establish the best attack plan, or the most efficient exploitation method.

Your empire won’t have to be dictated by your solitary magnanimity, you could share your power amidst your friends.

Play a part in the geopolitics of the universe. Use diplomacy in the relationships you and your friends will entertain with the players community. Alliances and wars will arise by your choices.


Players won’t be the only entities that you’ll have to fight or work with. The universe is stuffed with lifeforms that you will encounter during your expansion.

Each world is inhabited by creatures varying in shape and intelligence.

You will interact with simple animals in order to survive, may it be defending yourself from them or eating them, by hunting or livestock farming.

There are also intelligent beings that established their own civilizations that you will be able to communicate with.

Diplomacy again will be required to interact with these individuals. Economic and military alliances will emanate from the complex social networks you will shape with them.

These cultures also know the way of warfare, you could then prefer the aggressive approach to reach your goals.

Between independent entities and environmental hazards, the worlds will be also infested with dangerous monsters you could defeat with your military forces, in order to obtain rewards and treasures.

The stars are the limit, raise your empire and seize the universe.

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