Who are we ?

We are a small indie team named Oblatif games that is passionate about creating 3D universes and the sci-fi genre. We aim to craft games where our players will be immersed by the exploring and dynamic interaction offered to them.

What is Man of the Stars ?

Man of the Stars is a survival MMO sandbox game taking place in a universe filled with procedurally generated worlds inhabited by various civilizations, where you’ll be able to develop you world and conquer many more in the universe. Details on https://manofthestars.fr/man-of-the-stars/

On what platform will it be released ?

Man of the Stars will first be released on PC and later on XBOX and PS4.

When will Man of the Stars be released ?

Man of the stars will be released in 2019, we will give you more precise informations as time goes on.

Man of the Stars and the multiplayer ?

We are developing our own network tools in order to get optimal performances. The population allowed by server will range from 100 to 1000 players.

Procedural World ?

Our principal asset is our real-time world generator. When you join a server, the first thing you’ll be asked is to create your world and choose its style, then the server will grant you a seed (i.e. a number). The topology of the world, its rocks, trees and textures will be produced according to this number.

About crowdfunding

Man of the stars plans to launch its crowdfunding campaign between the end of September and early October. The funding will allow us to complete the game development, its polishing, and the enrichment of its content.

After the crowdfunding how can we follow progress being made ?

We have planned to release a page that will show the progress of the project in real time, you will be able to see which developer is working on which feature.


In Man of the stars you will get the opportunity to fight other players either by defending your world or by invading theirs.

The PVE content is for us an important aspect to elaborate. On each world you can propose an alliance or declare war to different populations equipped with complex AI behaviors.

There will also be multiple PVE instances under the form of ruins randomly located on your worlds, they will contain bosses to slay with powerful artifacts in reward.

Have you thought of the new players ?

Each created world is linked to others by a portal. This gateway is deactivated at the beginning, so you’ll be reachable only when you’ll turn on the portal (you cannot set it off afterwards). Your friends however will be able to join your world at the starting phase. We set a system allowing new players to learn the gameplay mechanics and to kickstart an early civilization, of course this expansion will be secure only until a certain point.

How much will Man of the Stars cost ?

Man of the stars will cost around 25$.

Free or paid DLC ?

Every DLC will be available for free.

Neutral zones ?

Each server will have a capital planet controlled by a neutral alien force promoting commercial enterprises. On this planet you’ll be able to trade weapons, armors, vehicles, resources…

Guilds in Man of the Stars ?

It will be possible to create guilds to gather your fellow players. This will be done by acquiring  a guild office on the capital planet. Other players will then be able to contact you for military and commercial contracts.